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What ever task it is or whatever your trying to solve you will always stumble. Doesn’t matter if you take baby steps or dive in headfirst, there will always be a wobble along the way.

It’s taken me three sperate attempts to get this far (mentally) and it’s still hard but now I know and better understand the fact that everything isn’t gonna go smoothly all the time.

No matter how many steps we take we may always unsteady and that okay.

I am going to start a fresh, clean attempt at another blog. If ya want you can read more here…



Thank you 🙂

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How Hard You Try

Very often I sit in a room full of people feeling like a weaker link, just waiting to be cut out.

My efforts ignored, my voice unheard and my presence over seen. The harder I try the harder I fall, it seems as though i’d do better putting in no effort at all.

I’ve always been told that it’s not how good you do, it’s about how hard you try. And it’s starting to feel like that was never the case.


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I Do Try

I do try, I promise.

I tried several times at this but words just won’t form the way they do in my head.

I tried you can count on it, just don’t expect it to be there in colour.

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I’ll be back someday

A break I am taking for I am forgetting and not missing this blogging concept.

Time wasted on trying to put the thoughts in my racing mind into words when the clock ticks could be better spent on revision for tests and other things that could maybe help me get somewhere in my little life.

I will be back someday, when I miss you and want to come running back or just because I simply have time on my hands which I could spend with you.

I will not leave you entirely I’m just going away and I will come and visit you in time and maybe I will stay or maybe I will not.

Either way, 

I’ll be back someday 🙂
Maisy xxx

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I Don’t Want To Grow Up!

Hello again, so decorating my room has made me a bit emotional and although I am 14 and still a young teenager I like to think about the future because that’s what makes me happy for some reason, but not this time. My room hasn’t even been painted yet, but we have everything for ready to go in once the carpet and walls are finished, and Ialready know I am going to fall in love with it.

To the point Maisy! Yeah, sorry!

Anyway, with choosing options and everything in school be related to teachers talking about choosing GCSE subjects to study I have been very much focused on what I want to do when I finish education then A-Levels I need and then the GSCE’s I need to do them A-Levels. I know what I want to do/be and to do that I will probably go to University (I am getting to the point I promise).

University means moving out and moving somewhere new, probably a new part of the country (probably not a new country altogether) although this is more than 4 educational years ahead of me I am already thinking about it and I don’t want to grow up, I don’t want to have to move out, to move on from the amazing family and he holidays and trips the four of us have, I don’t want to have to move out of my room or my house, I don’t want to grow up it seems scary and terrifying and I love my life currently and I don’t want to have to leave it. I want to be peter pan and stay this age and never grow up.

In a nutshell what I was trying to say was: Decorating my room will be the last time I do it (probably) with a minimum of 4 years still here stuck in school before I go onto University (if I decide to go) and I don’t want to do that I want to be Peter Pan and never grow up, even though it means being alone.

I think that’s that, a bit of a different post but as you can probably guess my life is still a bit of a jumble with Options needing to be chosen and things to do with that and I also have more assessments and tests and then we have Pancake day soon so I will be doing something for you related to this and then Valentines day  and then we are going on holiday and I have the dreaded dentist and after that I have a dance compotation (Whoop, Whoop) and lots of other stuff and I’m sure I will talk about all of this and more another time so I hope to see you sooon!!!!!




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A Life Long Bucket List


Hello again reader!!!!!!!

So the other day I started a bucket list in a notebook I got from my lovely friend for Christmas and have made that note book my bucket list, mainly because I though the quote on the front was very suitable!

So why not share my bucket list with you!

(I will obviously add more over time!!!!!!!)

  1. Go Stargazing in the back of a truck!
  2. Go to Italy ~ I have always wanted to do this
  3. Rope swing into a lake/pond/river
  4. Live near a beach!Holkham Beach, North Norfolk
  5. Take a picture everyday for a whole year ~ so when I am old and grey I can look back on it!
  6. See the fairy pools in Scotland ~ I mean look at them:
  7. Soak in the hot springs of Iceland!
  8. Fall In Love ♡  
  9. Go to a midnight movie premier
  10. Ride a horse along a beach
  11. Change someone’s life
  12. Design and build my own houselooks like a real gingerbread house if I ever did see one:
  13. Visit the giants causeway in Ireland
  14. Send a message in a bottle
  15. Give people a reason to remember my name
  16. Write on the ‘Before I Die…’ walls in New Orleans
  17. Do exactly what I wanna do for a month
  18. Dedicate a wall to photos that bring memories
  19. Experience zero gravity
  20. Get a tattoo (please don’t kill me parents)
  21. Shop In New York City
  22. Visit all 50 American states
  23. Watch the northern lights
  24. Visit Paris
  25. Go to Australia
  26. Go to New Zealand
  27. Go to a Taylor Swift concert
  28. Meet Miranda Hart
  29. Go cliff diving
  30. Meet Kevin McCloud
  31. Learn a different language
  32. Get married on a beach
  33. Have a child
  34. Get at least one A in my A-levels
  35. Go on a road trip in one of these bad boys:
  36. Become Vegetarian!
  37. Try Veganism
  38. Have/ go to / attend a Hanami in Japan ~ Probably with my amazing friend Sousbree
  39. Perform to an audience ~ no idea why I put this on here
  40. Go to a festival
  41. Donate a large amount of money to a Charity
  42. Drink tea with someone who inspires me ~ could be Doddleoddle, Neomi or Taylor Swift
  43. Own a telephone box
  44. Adopt an animal
  45. Swim with dolphins

And more to be added in the future!!!!

So why don’t you start a list of life goals or stuff you would like to do before you die because YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to see you again soon!


(All photos used (but not the header photo) are not mine and they photos are all linked to there original sources)


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The Perefct Day

Originally Posted ~ 8th September 2015

Perfect: something free from flaws
I believe that there is no such thing as ‘perfection’. No person in this universe can be free from flaws so don’t compare your self to this ‘perfect’ person or life style.
You could call a cake perfect but what are going to call a cake that’s better? A person can not be perfect as your flaws are something that makes you you. Flaws are what make us human and with out them we would be aliens.
A perfect day for some this might be a wedding others it might be a day with friends or family but a perfect day form me would be a day of blog writing and tea and cookies.
For a perfect day do the following:
Do what ever makes you happy 🙂
Just came up with this post so apologies for the randomness of this.