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Document 7 – Blank

A blank page sits in front, the mouse flickering, panicking, just like the head inside of me. The white screen glaring, as empty as my ideas. I cannot leave it, as that is just not who I used to be, my effort will be mistaken, my grade will be lower than the size of my shoes. I hope the title counts as something because I have nothing, there would probably be more than this is if it wasn’t my 7th attempt.

Those that will see this just won’t understand that my head never makes sense, I can only answer when put on the correct tracks because currently I’m heading to Hull, when i’m pretty sure that Cardiff is where I’m meant to be. They won’t understand that I’m so much more than this, because this is what i’m being judged on my, my paragraphs and not my words, I can say it if you want, but for me to put on paper, i’m afraid that’s something i’ll always be far from.

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Another Summer = Another List

□ Learn to do a back limber

□ Turn my hair RED!

□ Cut my hair

□ Visit the ZOO

□ Go & Camp in the garden

□ Make a visual Summer Scrapbook

□ Eat some Mango

□ Write them letters

□ Learn how to solve a Rubix cube

□ Read 3 books

□ Make S’mores

□ Build an epic blanket fort & and make it my new crib

□ Eat an Ice-Cream Float

□ Learn ‘Tonight’ or ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on da keyboard

□ Figure out how to twizzle drumsticks like a pro

□ Get a wonder woman dress

□ Watch ‘Finding Dory’

□ Do a tremendous act of kindness

□ Have a picnic in a field

□ Turn my hair VIOLET!

□ Go for 6 mile long runs

□ Walk on my hands instead of my feet

□ Unlock a new character on Mario Karts

□ Enjoy a freshly baked Rainbow Cake!


Lets see where summer takes me…


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Better people

I choose those who get chosen last.

I pick up and return dropped things to there homes.

I open doors as people walk past.

I smile at people.

I say hello to people in the streets.

I say thank you for everything.

I apologies for my mistakes.

I am friendly and polite to all.

I am not afraid to be me.


Maybe if we all did this, the world might be a happier place.

Just, maybe.

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Valentines Day – Treat Yourself

Hello there hope you all had a fabulous pancake day with some of my odd toppings!!

So the day of Valentines is soon to be upon us and unless you are not single and actually in a relationship you are probably spending this Valentines day with some chocolate tea and a Netflix marathon or on the beach with family somewhere (like myself, will talk more later on). So if you are doing just that then why not make yourself your valentines and treat yourself with these things I just made up:


Bath Time : Treat yourself to a nice big hot bath with a face mask and a big old bath bomb and why not watch Netflix in the bath too.

Chocolate Time : Buy yourself some chocolate, it’s not hard there is chocolate everywhere with Easter just around the corner!!!!!!!!!!!

That Thing You’ve Had Your Eye On : Kinda self-explanatory, so grab your purse and order it!!

Tidy Your Room : I know it sounds hard but it is pretty rewarding when your room is nice and tidy!!!!!!

Like It, Buy It : Find something you like and kinda want then purchase it and there you o, another gift for yourself!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah Daisy Swing Playsuit alternative image

Wardrobe Re-Vamp : Treat yourself to some new clothes and maybe get rid of them items you haven’t  worn or don’t like anymore or are too small, my favourite place to get clothes is currently, BooHoo it’s well priced and hey have some nice stuff on there!!

Skin Care : Take more care of your skin by buying some nice products!!!!

New Paint : By yourself a nice eye shadow pallet or mascara or something nice that you can use when ever you want to feel good about yourself.


Go on, treat yourself this Valentines Day and enjoy the single life.

Hope to see you soon,



*The next post will be this time on Wednesday as I am going on Holiday to the wonderful coast line of Norfolk and so I know that I probably wont have a chance to post as there will be no internet, and if so it will be bad internet so I do apologise but they should be a post next week hopefully Wednesday but I do have the dentist and a new carpet being installed so I will try but I apologise in advance if there is not one.

Forgot to upload on Wednesday but I found WiFi at a chippy!!!


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Recipie Time: Bizzare + Amazing Pancake Toppings

Hello again, sorry the last post was latter then usual as I and more options stuff to go to and a pile of homework. So Pancake day is soon to be upon us (Tuesday 9th Feb 2016) and I am one for odd pancake toppings so I thought I would share with you some of them and hopefully you are not to put off trying them because they do taste amazing so lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First you are going to need some pancakes so here’s a recipe for you (or you could just buy some):


Cheese and Sugar : Add some grated Chedder cheese and add sugar and then you have a semi-savoury pancake that tastes sooooooooo goooood!!!!! (I always eat this and it does taste amazing even though it sounds gross, try it, you wont regret it, unless you are lactose intolerant)

Bacon : Just add the bacon onto your pancake, its best when you leave the fat on or the bacon is crispy. (This is what I always have, it being my Grannie’s specialty)


Golden Syrup :  Add half a tin of golden syrup onto your pancake and you might get diabetes from this but at least it tastes good and DONT FORGET TO LICK THE SPOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice Cream : I now it is February but we still have ice cream in the freezer so pull it out and plop it on that pancake like it was he cone your supposed to put ice cram into!!!!!!!!!!!


These are just some toppings I have, what about you?

Hope to see your lovely faces again soon,




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A Life Long Bucket List


Hello again reader!!!!!!!

So the other day I started a bucket list in a notebook I got from my lovely friend for Christmas and have made that note book my bucket list, mainly because I though the quote on the front was very suitable!

So why not share my bucket list with you!

(I will obviously add more over time!!!!!!!)

  1. Go Stargazing in the back of a truck!
  2. Go to Italy ~ I have always wanted to do this
  3. Rope swing into a lake/pond/river
  4. Live near a beach!Holkham Beach, North Norfolk
  5. Take a picture everyday for a whole year ~ so when I am old and grey I can look back on it!
  6. See the fairy pools in Scotland ~ I mean look at them:
  7. Soak in the hot springs of Iceland!
  8. Fall In Love ♡  
  9. Go to a midnight movie premier
  10. Ride a horse along a beach
  11. Change someone’s life
  12. Design and build my own houselooks like a real gingerbread house if I ever did see one:
  13. Visit the giants causeway in Ireland
  14. Send a message in a bottle
  15. Give people a reason to remember my name
  16. Write on the ‘Before I Die…’ walls in New Orleans
  17. Do exactly what I wanna do for a month
  18. Dedicate a wall to photos that bring memories
  19. Experience zero gravity
  20. Get a tattoo (please don’t kill me parents)
  21. Shop In New York City
  22. Visit all 50 American states
  23. Watch the northern lights
  24. Visit Paris
  25. Go to Australia
  26. Go to New Zealand
  27. Go to a Taylor Swift concert
  28. Meet Miranda Hart
  29. Go cliff diving
  30. Meet Kevin McCloud
  31. Learn a different language
  32. Get married on a beach
  33. Have a child
  34. Get at least one A in my A-levels
  35. Go on a road trip in one of these bad boys:
  36. Become Vegetarian!
  37. Try Veganism
  38. Have/ go to / attend a Hanami in Japan ~ Probably with my amazing friend Sousbree
  39. Perform to an audience ~ no idea why I put this on here
  40. Go to a festival
  41. Donate a large amount of money to a Charity
  42. Drink tea with someone who inspires me ~ could be Doddleoddle, Neomi or Taylor Swift
  43. Own a telephone box
  44. Adopt an animal
  45. Swim with dolphins

And more to be added in the future!!!!

So why don’t you start a list of life goals or stuff you would like to do before you die because YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to see you again soon!


(All photos used (but not the header photo) are not mine and they photos are all linked to there original sources)


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BLOGmas Day Six – Gingerbread Recipie

So welcome come to day six of BLOGmas!!!!!!!

Today I’m going to give you a gingerbread recipie:

So there you go!!!!

And again; 

(A little trick is you can turn the gingerbread man (sorry to be a bit sexist) turn it inside down and the legal can be antlers and the arms ears) 

Just to make this post longer. I would have written the whole thing out but I have given myself this short cut so I have more time to do homework (yay!). 

Tomorrow I am going to be doing a Christmassy ‘Would You Rather’ so I would love it if you could leave your ‘Would you Rather’ questions (for me) in the comment thing because that will make tomorrow’s post a bit less boring, so please do!!!!!!

So I will see you tomorrow!!!


Recipie by Cathy Cassidy 🙂

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BLOGmas Day Five – DIY Gifts #1

So welcome to BLOGmas day five!!!!!!!!!
Today I am going to be giving you some little DIY gift ideas so, without delay lets get started;
1. DIY Smartphone Projector
You will need:

A pen or pencil or other drawing/writing device

Blue Tac

Cello tape

A Shoebox

A Magnifying Glass

A Smartphone


Draw around the magnifying glass and then cut out the shape 

Attach the glass to the box with the tape before putting your phone in the box using tha tape to help it stand up right!

Find a dark room and a plain wall then their projector is done!

2. Mug


All you need is a mug and a permanent marker as well as yourself and an oven!

All you do is draw your pattern on the mug the bake it in the oven for 25mins at 180° and your pattern will not rub off!!!!!!!

3. Paint Chip Pegs

All you do is stick the correct amount of paper on the peg  and there you go!!!!

4. A Doodle In A Frame


This picture is from ‘Cross Donkey’ but it’s just as easy to get a frame and doddle in it!!!

5. Bookmark

Just draw something on a bit of paper and that’s that!!

6. Sea glass Jar


This is just a small jar filled with sea glass and a cork as a lid!! Although I brought this I plan to make many!!

7. Washi Tape Letters


A cardboard letter + Tape = Super Cheap Present

8. A Book Of Quotes/Messages

From Friends ^^^^^^^^^
There you go!!!

I will see you again tomorrow!!!


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BLOGmas Day Three – How To Write The Best Xmas Card


Happy day 2 of BLOGmas!!!!

So yesterday post was not that festive so I hope this little guide (?) will make you feel festive as a penguin tangled in fairy lights with a beard and a Christmas hat standing on the top of a Christmas tree, so let’s get started:
 1. You will need a card, an envelope and a pen or pencil in the colour or style you would like…  
2. Get you card (mine is from Aldi or you could make one)…

3. Deside who it is for then…

4. Try not to make a mess of it (like myself)…
5. Grab a hot chocolate…
6. Tipp-ex out the writing that the printers have already written…

7. Write something like myself that gives of the messages; Merry Christmas and hope next year isn’t as bad as this one…

8. Draw a smiley face that isn’t as creepy as mine and/or another image of chose..

9. And not forgetting a Christmas Tree…

10. Sign your name…

11. Your actual name..

12. Tipp-ex the incorrect name out…

13. Apologies for the nightmare of drawings you have just made them witness…

14. Now put your card in your envelope…



  16. Write the name in festive font…  

And there you go…   
Hope you enjoyed this festive guide and I hope to see you again tomorrow!


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Recipe Time ~ Triple Chocolate Cookies

Originally Posted ~ 24th October 2015
To make 10-20 cookies, you will need;

300g Caster sugar
200g Butter
1 large egg
275g Self-raising flour
75g Cocoa powder
A itsy bitsy bit of milk
A large bar of White and/or Milk and/or Dark chocolate
Some Daim bars (feel free to skip this out)
Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees (couldn’t find this button the keyboard (sorry)), now whizz the butter and sugar until its smooth and creamy (feel free to stick your finger in and lick it (my favourite taste, IN THE WORLD)). Then crack the chicken foetus (egg) and blend it in with your dry ingredients! if this looks a bit dry (like a desert) then add a dash of milk until its less like a desert! Next, break up the chocolate (including Dim bars) before chopping it into finer pieces (if it all looks like a bit too much chocolate (no such thing!) then eat a bit)! Mix everything into a bowl (or one you have previously used), after mixing use your hands (so you can later lick your fingers) to separate the mixture into blobs in the size of your desire (I recommend BIG ONES), place these blobs onto trays lined with backing paper or foil. Pop these in the oven for around 11 minutes, this may seem a very short time but its often the perfect time, they will not looked cook so don’t be tempted to leave them in finally leave them to cool form 20-30 minutes ( 😦 ) then lick the bowl and after they have cooled enjoy!
This recipe was an adaptation of the one from Tanya Burr’s book; Love Tanya!
And why not post a picture on Instagram or Pinterest or what ever you and I are on and tag me in the picture with your chocolate blobs!!!
Can’t wait to see them 🙂