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Things I’ve Learnt About Friends


This academic year, mainly towards the end of 2016, I haven’t made new friends as such, just made the friendships i had previously exist again.

There has only ever been a few people in my life which I have called a ‘best friend’ and meant it, felt that it could last, and they have lasted (sorta). The three years of secondary school taught me A LOT, mainly about friends, what they are, who they are. In the first two years i made one of my circles (this is what I see my friends of people as, different groups that don’t really mix but do, if that made any sense).

The circle from then, I still have now. They are amazing and funny and… well, strange, but I love them, although we never go deep into how we are feeling we make each other feel like nothing matters besides what ever we are laughing at. Behind this metaphorical circle there are some more people how entered are little group this year, and now we are like a massive mob of stupid teenagers.

Sadly the last year of secondary I lost touch with them, as sad as it was I think its made us closer now and I missed them a lot that year, i didn’t realise it until i had them back and how un-joyous life was without them. Also in this depressing year I made a few, well one friendship and at that time it was just a ‘we hang around and talk a lot’ friendship but after an event this current academic year we suddenly got back to where we were and became better friends all round. To me that person is another circle, but ever so slightly more because we have a different kind of friendship, something I don’t have with other people and that person means the world to me, as all of them do.

Between now and then I’ve made so many more better friends, some new, some old but either way they all mean a hell of a lot to me and with out each one of them, I would be so miserable.

So to all of you, you’re amazing, thank you for sticking up with me and all sides i have. I love you all a lot!

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I’ll be back someday

A break I am taking for I am forgetting and not missing this blogging concept.

Time wasted on trying to put the thoughts in my racing mind into words when the clock ticks could be better spent on revision for tests and other things that could maybe help me get somewhere in my little life.

I will be back someday, when I miss you and want to come running back or just because I simply have time on my hands which I could spend with you.

I will not leave you entirely I’m just going away and I will come and visit you in time and maybe I will stay or maybe I will not.

Either way, 

I’ll be back someday 🙂
Maisy xxx

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Thank You January!

Hello again so Happy February!!!!!!!

So I think I might do one of these every month actually, maybe not but I might. Anyway so January has been pretty great so I though I would make a Thank You message for January. That didn’t make sense but hopefully you get the jist after you finish ready so lets go:

Thank You to the medicine makers that helped my wonderful mother stop coughing an interrupting my sleep and also because she can now work again, Whoop Whoop (???)

Thank you to my friends for the late birthday presents that I received, they made me very happy, thank you!

Thank you to my ukulele for staying in tune despite the amount of times I have played it.

Thank you to anybody evolved with a dance compotation thing because we got through, YAY, and I am absolutely terrifying.

Thank you to my friends for accepting the fact that the group chats where making me unhappy and respecting that factor!

Thank you to the weather controller people for making it snow, even if was only for that day.

Thank you to my friend for the epic BMO phone case and daisy one.

An also THANK YOU FOR 500+ VEIWS ON MY BLOG *pulls party popper*! Thank you to all of you making this possible, even though I know only you are reading this because I’m only a tiny blog.

So thank you for a fabulous January and Let’s see what February brings!

I will see you on Sunday with some Pancake related shenanigans.





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A Lookback On 2015

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR (even if it was 2 days (or more) ago)!!!!!

So what where your resolutions? Have they failed yet like min last year?

I was feeling nostalgic this morning and therefore I am going to have a look back  on the past 12 months and the past things that happened, so lets go!!!!!!!

(Enjoy this post which has 732 word in it!!!!!!!!)


The only thing I can rember doing in January was going to Cambrige for my mums birthday so here’s a pic of that (this was the only pic I could salvage):



In February I remember going to the dentist (don’t have any pics of that), I also went on Holiday to Norfolk so here’s some pictures of this lovely holiday:



I can’t remember what happened in which month so I have combined them to make March/April instead of calling it Maril or Aprch! I went on a school trip and we watched the failed solar eclipse in Wales and I remember going to the opticians some time after that and I got my first pair of glasses which makes me a short sighted peasant and I went to Southwold with my mum, dad, sister and amazing cousins and we had the most amazing time and I am excited to go on our next adventure with them!!



In may we went to the vey magical Harry Potter Studios this was one of the most magical things ever it was incredible! We also stayed in Saint Albans and that was just lovely we also went to London on Day 2 of our adventure, we went to Camden, which was super busy, and I was some epic rainbow stairs in a shop on Oxford Street and on our way back home from this adventure we went to Ely!



On June the 7th my first post was made *pulls party popper*!! That’s all that I can remember, I also performed at a school concert thing which was scary as I had to sing and play guitar!!!!


In July I finished the school year!!! I  also went n the most amazing holiday of the whole year to Anglesey with my family and it was absolutely incredible I loved every moment of it and so here are a few pictures:


In August me and my mum, dad, sister and Grannie went on a biking holiday adventure thing which was very nice!! And at the end of August we went to stay with our wonderful cousins in the Kentish land, we had a fabulous time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I went back to school! BOO!!!!!!!!!! I also gained my first blog follower that is my wonderful friend ‘Soulsbree‘ (who I might collab with in the near future)! And I also went to an arty festively fresco thing:



In October we went on our last family holiday of the year and we went to the wonderful new forest and also visited the Isle Of Wight where I fell in love the beautiful Freshwater Bay, I will let these pictures speak for them selves:



At the very beginning of November (think it might have been the last day of October actually) we went to London again as I can’t remember the full reason but we had a free Saturday and my mum wanted to look at sofas and lightbulbs for or dining room so why not go to London!!



December!!! I started BLOGmas which as a result I gained 4 more followers: those being the wonderful Noemi whose bog is amazing!!!!! Courteney who is my latest follower 🙂 Desire4beauty who has snow on there page!!!! And my Dad, who I won’t tag because I don’t want you to stalk him, Sorry Dad!!!!!!! It was also my birthday this month which was amazing and it was CHRISTMAS! I also got given  medal at one of my clubs I do for my dedication 🙂 and I also went to Stratford on New Years Eve!!!!


I would like to say a massive thank you, to you and everybody I mentioned in this post for making this year so amazing despite me being unhappy at times. THANK YOU *internet hug*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all so very much and I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring!!