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Recipie Time: Bizzare + Amazing Pancake Toppings

Hello again, sorry the last post was latter then usual as I and more options stuff to go to and a pile of homework. So Pancake day is soon to be upon us (Tuesday 9th Feb 2016) and I am one for odd pancake toppings so I thought I would share with you some of them and hopefully you are not to put off trying them because they do taste amazing so lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First you are going to need some pancakes so here’s a recipe for you (or you could just buy some):


Cheese and Sugar : Add some grated Chedder cheese and add sugar and then you have a semi-savoury pancake that tastes sooooooooo goooood!!!!! (I always eat this and it does taste amazing even though it sounds gross, try it, you wont regret it, unless you are lactose intolerant)

Bacon : Just add the bacon onto your pancake, its best when you leave the fat on or the bacon is crispy. (This is what I always have, it being my Grannie’s specialty)


Golden Syrup :  Add half a tin of golden syrup onto your pancake and you might get diabetes from this but at least it tastes good and DONT FORGET TO LICK THE SPOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice Cream : I now it is February but we still have ice cream in the freezer so pull it out and plop it on that pancake like it was he cone your supposed to put ice cram into!!!!!!!!!!!


These are just some toppings I have, what about you?

Hope to see your lovely faces again soon,




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BLOGmas Day Six – Gingerbread Recipie

So welcome come to day six of BLOGmas!!!!!!!

Today I’m going to give you a gingerbread recipie:

So there you go!!!!

And again; 

(A little trick is you can turn the gingerbread man (sorry to be a bit sexist) turn it inside down and the legal can be antlers and the arms ears) 

Just to make this post longer. I would have written the whole thing out but I have given myself this short cut so I have more time to do homework (yay!). 

Tomorrow I am going to be doing a Christmassy ‘Would You Rather’ so I would love it if you could leave your ‘Would you Rather’ questions (for me) in the comment thing because that will make tomorrow’s post a bit less boring, so please do!!!!!!

So I will see you tomorrow!!!


Recipie by Cathy Cassidy 🙂

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Recipe Time ~ Triple Chocolate Cookies

Originally Posted ~ 24th October 2015
To make 10-20 cookies, you will need;

300g Caster sugar
200g Butter
1 large egg
275g Self-raising flour
75g Cocoa powder
A itsy bitsy bit of milk
A large bar of White and/or Milk and/or Dark chocolate
Some Daim bars (feel free to skip this out)
Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees (couldn’t find this button the keyboard (sorry)), now whizz the butter and sugar until its smooth and creamy (feel free to stick your finger in and lick it (my favourite taste, IN THE WORLD)). Then crack the chicken foetus (egg) and blend it in with your dry ingredients! if this looks a bit dry (like a desert) then add a dash of milk until its less like a desert! Next, break up the chocolate (including Dim bars) before chopping it into finer pieces (if it all looks like a bit too much chocolate (no such thing!) then eat a bit)! Mix everything into a bowl (or one you have previously used), after mixing use your hands (so you can later lick your fingers) to separate the mixture into blobs in the size of your desire (I recommend BIG ONES), place these blobs onto trays lined with backing paper or foil. Pop these in the oven for around 11 minutes, this may seem a very short time but its often the perfect time, they will not looked cook so don’t be tempted to leave them in finally leave them to cool form 20-30 minutes ( 😦 ) then lick the bowl and after they have cooled enjoy!
This recipe was an adaptation of the one from Tanya Burr’s book; Love Tanya!
And why not post a picture on Instagram or Pinterest or what ever you and I are on and tag me in the picture with your chocolate blobs!!!
Can’t wait to see them 🙂

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Recipe Time ~ Lemonade

Originally Posted on ~ 23rd July 2015

You will need: 1 cup of sugar, 4-6 fresh lemons and 2+ cups of water.

Boil a cup of water and add the cup of sugar and stir gently until ALL the sugar has dissolved. Juice the lemons (and strain the lemon juice if you want there to be not bits). Add this to the sugar and water and also add some cold water and taste keep adding more water until it tastes good. Leave to chill for 30 minutes, serve with ice and enjoy.

This recipie was by Cathy Cassidy (an author)!