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I Can’t Write

I can’t write.

Give me a pen and some paper and I could write till my emotions run dry, it’ll come out with blank vocabulary and scribbled sentences but at least there would be something.

Give me a pen and some paper but through some limitations into the mix, rules, guidelines and things I must include, It’ll come out the same way it came in, blank, plain, lifeless with maybe a scribbled out sentence, on a good day maybe. You give me the lines expecting me to colour them, but don’t be hopefully the colours will be all wrong, orange instead of magenta and black instead of green.

I try my best, I promise you that but that never seems to be good enough, among the best of the best my words don’t come flowing out of my pen in a precise swirl of incredable words, just a blotched piece of trash in a pile of A* with a tear mark on the side…

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The Cupboard Of Troubles

Everybody has a cupboard with something inside, whether it is home to holidays, social events or being in the spot light. We all have a cupboard of troubles, some bigger than others and some smaller than others, we all have a cupboard of worries.

Some of us have little people living in these cupboards, we call them anxieties.

These ‘little people’ come from different places; holidays, crowded places, strangers, public stages. These cupboards have to be open from time to time, not from chpoice but simply because once you push these ‘little people’ aside you might get something good out of the cupboard, and when what you pull out the cupboard is not what you would like then we tend to lock the cupboard.

Doors come open from time to time, and when that happens you are always left with two choices:

Close it.


Leave it.

To close it means getting closer to it in order to shut the ‘little people’ away again and then deal with the ones that have escaped. Or you can leave it to figure itself out.


We all have cupboards some are housing ‘little people’. Sometimes they have to opened and sometimes they open them selves.

We all have cupboards inside our heads. Some are homes to ‘little people’.


*Bit of a change than usual but I enjoyed writing this.

Inspired by this weeks BBC theme of Mental Health:

See you soon,




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Who am I?

Who am I? You ask, well that’s a secret I will never tell. You know you love me.


Gossip Girl

Sorry, I couldn’t resist (I am currently obsessed)!!!!!!!!!!

So hello again! Today I was asked to write about what makes me unique and so in typical Maisy fashion I waffled on about nonsense and then I got thinking: OMG! I need to write a blogpost!!!! & You might not know a lot about me as a person besides an average teenager who is a bit of a geek at heart so why not do more waffling on about myself o her so that I actually have a post to post on Sunday (well, today or when ever that was for you!).

So lets get started:

Who is you favourite ‘villain’?

Urm, Moriarty all the way matey!!!!!!


Female icon?


When you were younger what did you want to be?

The average tree climbing, princess who sings with Hannah Montana!

*No image to be found* < Not Surprised

Celebrity Crush?

A Cross between Benedict Cumberbatch, Theo James, Dan Howell and  Phil Lester:

What’s  The Meaning Behind Your Name?

I was going to be called Daisy but there where a lot of Daisys born in the year of my birth so my mum went for Maisy instead!

Favourite Song?

Well, my favorite songs varies a lot!!! So it is currently Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars / Open Your Eyesor Coldplay – Scientist but it will probably be Adele – Hello again next week or something by Taylor Swift

What do you want to achieve before you turn 50?

Hopefully everything from my life long bucket list (check out my last post)!

If you owned a Café what would you call it?

Puff, Diet!



Do you believe in Love At First Sight?

Ok so, you know the expression ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ well, I personally believe love is about personality and not about how good someone looks at all! So who could you fall in love with someone at your first sight when you haven’t even got to know them!! I mean, they could be an axe murder!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you watch when you just want to laugh?


So, I currently can’t find anymore questions so please leave yours in the comments if you like because I will probably continue this soon!

So I hope to see you again soon and I also hoped you again soon!!!!!!!!!!