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Thanks For My Xmas Gifts 2015

So earlier today I wrote about what I got for my birthday and know I am going to do one for Christmas, so if I didn’t write and upload it today I wouldn’t get a chance to do it until the new year so don’t except another two posts a day kinda thing (?).

So like the last time I am trying my very hardest to make it sound like I am not bragging in anyway and if it comes across like I am I am very sorry as I do not intend for that to happen.

I am also soooooooooooooooooooooooooo thank full for everything I received so I am writing this as more of a thank you than haul!

Thank you to my amazing friends, family friends, relatives, parents, my grannie and my amazing friend Soulsbree for the extremely large amount of chocolate which I will consume in the next few days!

Thank you to my cousins for the artistic supplies!!!

A giant thank you to my friend Me . Mol for the incredibly adorable poem in frame thing (even though the pictures make me cringe!) and a Thank you to my si-fi buddy for the super Tumblr reasons to smile bag 🙂 also Thank you to my musical friends for the cosy socks and keying which I will add to my collection! Thank you to my red headed friend for the cute candle and adorable little box!!!! Also a tank you to my noodle for the amazing diary, notebook, pen and more chocolate!!!!

Thank you to my cousin for the lip balm that smells toooo good and also to my gymnastics friend for the lip balm that smells like nerds (the sweets not the people) and shimmer lotion!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to my family friends for the chocolate and Remidies to roll in Relax because that’s just the one I wanted, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Thank you the vouchers I received from family friends!!!!!!

Thank you to some other family friends for the remote control sumo wrestlers which me and my sister will be using non-stop!

Thank you to my Aunty for the Cat Whiskers Mug, chocolate and amazingly scented shampoo and conditioner!!

Thank you to my grandma and granddad for the camera bag, film, pens and pencils and the Secret Garden colouring book!!

A ginormous thank you to my Grannie for the incredible laptop which me and my sister will try are hardest to share AND the chocolate orange which may or may not have been eaten already!!!!

Thank you to my amazing sister for the lip balm and t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally the biggest thank you f all to my wonderful mum and dad for the amazing camera:

EOS hand lotion, slippers , beanie (that I haven’t yet removed from my head and other amazing things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Yet again I do massively apologise if it sounds like I am bragging or trying to show of in any way as I do not want anybody to feel that way about this, I also want you to know that I was very unsure about weither to post these because I didn’t want people to feel like I was trying to show offbut I have obviously done so ecause you are reading this and so if I have made you feel bad in anyway from it seeming like I was bosting I do apologise sooooooooooo much, thank you! If I did ‘offend’ you then I would be happy to send you an apology via Pintrest or Instagram!!

Apologise and thanks and I will see you again on Thursday!



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Thanks For My Bday Gifts 2015

So I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and boxing day and received many gifts you wanted because I sure did!

Today I am going to be doing a thank you message post thing for the birthday presents I received as I love to read these sort of things and watch these same things as well and so this is for all of those of you that like to be a little bit nosey! Also, I am trying my very hardest to make sure it doesn’t sound like I am bragging so I am going to write this as a thank you rather than a ‘haul’ because that makes it sound less showoff-ie (???).  I am very thankful for everything I got and received and am thrilled to bits so lets go.

Thank you for the money and vouchers I received from many people (I am very excited to spend it)!

Thanks you to my amazing cousins for the amazing journal!!!!!

Thank you to my other cousin for the makeup Palette and body butter!

Thank you to my other cousins for the amazingly smelling fragrance and cute little mirror!

Thank you to my amazing friends for the dairy, purse, pencil case and hair stuff, you are all amazing!!

Thank you to my aunty for the book and tights!

Thank you to my Grannie who got me some amazing makeup brushes, perfect watch as well as the money which I spent on these clothes:

Dress        Sunglasses         Top         Skirt


Thanks to my perfect sister of mine for the epic desk tidy!

And finally a gigantic thank you to my amazing mum and dad for the Shoes with the laces and socks that went with, book journal thingy, cat tights, eye shadow pallet and macaroons!!

So that’s it, I had an amazing birthday and I am very thankful for everything I received. I do apologise if it seems like I am bragging as I tried my hardest to make it not sound like I was.

See You Soon, BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!