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Dyslexia and I

It’s always been very clear to anyone who has had the pleasure (?) of seeing my spelling, that I enevatlbiy can’t spell for the life if me. This has been the one constant with me, the fact I can’t spell normal, useful words but can spell mississippi and other words that never come up. 

It’s only recently the label ‘dyslexic’ has been added to my name and although they may only be tendencies it’s nice to have a reason for my incapabilities in areas. With this I feel as though how hard I find things is taken seriously because a diagnosis has been found. Although the sad part is when people went to help me, they leave and so I have to find another way around this obstacle. 

During my research and small experience in this intresting department of learning disabilities I have found that for many it’s different for different areas and effects peoples brainz differently. For me it takes time to process stuff which explains many things, why I find mental maths very hard; why it takes me so long to figure out my wording and knowing how to answer questions; perhaps why I make stupid word choices. 

In my dulge I into the dyslexic community I found out that many people go into creative areas, mainly architecture. Surprisingly this is what I want to do, something that I wanted to do before some of these problems occurred. 

I know that nothing has changed since this time last year, the only thing that has I’d that I’m working harder this has only motivated me more and letting it get in my way is not gonna get me where I want to be. 

I may just have to try harder. And if that’s what it takes, so be it. 

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Document 7 – Blank

A blank page sits in front, the mouse flickering, panicking, just like the head inside of me. The white screen glaring, as empty as my ideas. I cannot leave it, as that is just not who I used to be, my effort will be mistaken, my grade will be lower than the size of my shoes. I hope the title counts as something because I have nothing, there would probably be more than this is if it wasn’t my 7th attempt.

Those that will see this just won’t understand that my head never makes sense, I can only answer when put on the correct tracks because currently I’m heading to Hull, when i’m pretty sure that Cardiff is where I’m meant to be. They won’t understand that I’m so much more than this, because this is what i’m being judged on my, my paragraphs and not my words, I can say it if you want, but for me to put on paper, i’m afraid that’s something i’ll always be far from.

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I Can’t Write

I can’t write.

Give me a pen and some paper and I could write till my emotions run dry, it’ll come out with blank vocabulary and scribbled sentences but at least there would be something.

Give me a pen and some paper but through some limitations into the mix, rules, guidelines and things I must include, It’ll come out the same way it came in, blank, plain, lifeless with maybe a scribbled out sentence, on a good day maybe. You give me the lines expecting me to colour them, but don’t be hopefully the colours will be all wrong, orange instead of magenta and black instead of green.

I try my best, I promise you that but that never seems to be good enough, among the best of the best my words don’t come flowing out of my pen in a precise swirl of incredable words, just a blotched piece of trash in a pile of A* with a tear mark on the side…

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Another Summer = Another List

□ Learn to do a back limber

□ Turn my hair RED!

□ Cut my hair

□ Visit the ZOO

□ Go & Camp in the garden

□ Make a visual Summer Scrapbook

□ Eat some Mango

□ Write them letters

□ Learn how to solve a Rubix cube

□ Read 3 books

□ Make S’mores

□ Build an epic blanket fort & and make it my new crib

□ Eat an Ice-Cream Float

□ Learn ‘Tonight’ or ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on da keyboard

□ Figure out how to twizzle drumsticks like a pro

□ Get a wonder woman dress

□ Watch ‘Finding Dory’

□ Do a tremendous act of kindness

□ Have a picnic in a field

□ Turn my hair VIOLET!

□ Go for 6 mile long runs

□ Walk on my hands instead of my feet

□ Unlock a new character on Mario Karts

□ Enjoy a freshly baked Rainbow Cake!


Lets see where summer takes me…


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A Life Long Bucket List


Hello again reader!!!!!!!

So the other day I started a bucket list in a notebook I got from my lovely friend for Christmas and have made that note book my bucket list, mainly because I though the quote on the front was very suitable!

So why not share my bucket list with you!

(I will obviously add more over time!!!!!!!)

  1. Go Stargazing in the back of a truck!
  2. Go to Italy ~ I have always wanted to do this
  3. Rope swing into a lake/pond/river
  4. Live near a beach!Holkham Beach, North Norfolk
  5. Take a picture everyday for a whole year ~ so when I am old and grey I can look back on it!
  6. See the fairy pools in Scotland ~ I mean look at them:
  7. Soak in the hot springs of Iceland!
  8. Fall In Love ♡  
  9. Go to a midnight movie premier
  10. Ride a horse along a beach
  11. Change someone’s life
  12. Design and build my own houselooks like a real gingerbread house if I ever did see one:
  13. Visit the giants causeway in Ireland
  14. Send a message in a bottle
  15. Give people a reason to remember my name
  16. Write on the ‘Before I Die…’ walls in New Orleans
  17. Do exactly what I wanna do for a month
  18. Dedicate a wall to photos that bring memories
  19. Experience zero gravity
  20. Get a tattoo (please don’t kill me parents)
  21. Shop In New York City
  22. Visit all 50 American states
  23. Watch the northern lights
  24. Visit Paris
  25. Go to Australia
  26. Go to New Zealand
  27. Go to a Taylor Swift concert
  28. Meet Miranda Hart
  29. Go cliff diving
  30. Meet Kevin McCloud
  31. Learn a different language
  32. Get married on a beach
  33. Have a child
  34. Get at least one A in my A-levels
  35. Go on a road trip in one of these bad boys:
  36. Become Vegetarian!
  37. Try Veganism
  38. Have/ go to / attend a Hanami in Japan ~ Probably with my amazing friend Sousbree
  39. Perform to an audience ~ no idea why I put this on here
  40. Go to a festival
  41. Donate a large amount of money to a Charity
  42. Drink tea with someone who inspires me ~ could be Doddleoddle, Neomi or Taylor Swift
  43. Own a telephone box
  44. Adopt an animal
  45. Swim with dolphins

And more to be added in the future!!!!

So why don’t you start a list of life goals or stuff you would like to do before you die because YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to see you again soon!


(All photos used (but not the header photo) are not mine and they photos are all linked to there original sources)


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Being Happy ~ The Positivity Challenge

Originally Posted ~ 29th July 1015

A positivity challenge is where you do positive things (mainly for other people). Such as leave kind messages to people using the internet, sand, pen & paper, stones, post-it notes and anything else you can leave a message with. Or (i have seen this on the tv before) paying for someone else, like in a car park, or a museum or anywhere else where you have to pay an entrance fee.

Not only does it make them feel happy it makes you feel happy to because you have helped someone else or brightened up there day!
I did it, now it’s your turn 🙂