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BLOGmas? Oh yeah, that was a thing!

So yeah, BLOGmas that was a thing wast it.

Urm, yeah I should probAbly explain my self!

Since my last post I have been a little bit busy and also spending time with friends and family because that’s what Christmas it all about, therefore the time I have eat to write is too late and therefore I didn’t seknow the point in writing at 21:30 when it takes me about 1 hour to write something badly. This means my posts couldn’t reach you so I am very sorry for all of those how have been waiting.

And I will continue to blog write after Boxing Day because tomorrow is my birthday (where I will be watching Star Wars at the cinema again) (yay!!), and then it is Christmas Eve where I will be spending my day eating fish finger sandwiches (family + friend tradition) and then it’s CHRISTMAS *throws tinsel in the air* and then it’s Boxing Day where Ai will be burning off the dinner from Christmas. And so the 27th will be my first post normal post in a while.

So while I have been gone I have done a few exciting things:

  • I watched Star Wars (on Friday with my school) and OMG it was incredible!!!! It is really hard to explain but it was the best film I have so far watched and people that hate Star Wars or dislike it said the same! The one thing I would say was I have never cried in a book or film until now, yes, I cried in Star Wars along with me friend or ‘twin’ (we share the same name and birthday), and if you have watched Star Wars I think you know what part I am talking about and if you haven’t yet watched it then go do so!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so good that I am watching it again in the space of less than a week!
  • Before I started BLOGmas the only person how would always read my blog as my mum and my friend ‘Soulsbree’ was my only follower, and now I have gained 3 more one of them being my Dad another being the incredible ‘Noemí’ and also ‘Desire4beauty’. And have had 456 views which may seem a same number to some but too me its MASSIVE so I couldn’t thank you enough *interent hug*, so thank to you all!!!!!!!
  • When I return to blogging I will be 14, Yipeeee!!
  • The new year will hold many surprises!!!

So goodbye to the BLOGmas fail and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas Eve, the merriest of Christmases and a great Boxing Day and I will see you on the 27th!!

BYE *creepy Santa laugh*!!!!


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      BLOGmas Day Thirteen – Christmas Q and A

      So welcome to BLOGmas day 13!!!!!!!

      So today I am going to be doing a Christmas Q and A so lets get started!!


      Do you do anything to countdown to Christmas?

      I have a chocolate advent calendar, a white board (which you will have seen) that I write how many sleeps to go on as well as an instagram chat called: Xmas = ?? Sleeps *Christmas tree emoji*!


      When do you ‘Deck The Halls’ (put up your Christmas decorations)?

      We often put our family’s decorations up on the 2nd weekend of December but if I have got decorations in my room before hand I will put them up ASAP (any time after the 1st of December).


      What do you put at the top of your tree?

      A STAR!


      What do you do on Christmas Eve?

      On Christmas I am normally the happiest I am all year round because my Birthday is the day before and Christmas is the following day is its like to filling of an sandwich of excitement. So any ways, on Christmas Eve we almost always have some friends over and we have fish finger sandwiches and we watch something Christmassy all before sleeping!


      What do you do on Boxing Day?

      ON boxing day me and my mums side of the family go to my Grannies where we go for a walk and come back to hers for left overs and PORK!!!!!!!


      Do you leave anything for Santa?



      When do you open your gifts?

      When I was younger my parents would limit us to 5 presents and then we would have breakfast then go to church and when we came back we could go menatl and then open other presents at my Grannies before and after Christmas dinner. Now we just go mental and poen presents from my Grandma when she comes over to our house for diner and we will also open presents if we some people on boxing day ater we get back from out walk.


      Do you write a list, if so what’s at the top?

      I always write a list because I love writing lists. At the top? I can’t remember, sorry!


      How many trees do you have?

      A LOT!!!!!!!!!! We have one proper one which goes in the dining room, a small pink one (3ft (?)) and many many smaller ones!


      What advent calender do you have?

      This one:


      Where do you get gift ideas from?

      Sometimes from google, other times Pinterest and my brain. (I don’t often copy, I just add my twist to ideas)


      When do you get excited for Christmas?

      End of the summer holidays (no shame!)


      What festive events do you go to December?

      Go to Christmas tree festivals, is Christmas shopping one?, Christmas fates and Christmas concerts that me and/or sister are performing in.


      What is your ‘routine’ on Christmas Day?

      I am usually the first to wake up so while I wait for everybody else to do so I will go on my Ipad or phone or something and might empty my stocking and have a look around. When everyone is up we normally open a few presents from friends and stuff then have breakfast and continue to open until Lunch where we have Christmas Dinner then open gifts from how ever comes over and in the evening we watch the Christmas specials and eat chocolate with the fire lit and then fall asleep.



      Hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you again tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      BLOGmas Day Twelve – Christmas Tree Overdose

      So welcome to BLOGmas day 12!!!!!!

      So I am very sorry about the BLOGmas fail thingy yesterday and Thursday, so here’s my explanation: I was at IKEA and took lots of festive pictures and treys to upload them in the car on the way back and in realised in the morning that that had ah happened so then I true to upload it yesterday and that wasn’t that success ful so I have given up on that.

      Anyhow I am going o return to BLOGmas tomorrow so here is a failed montage of Christmas trees I saw in church today:

      See you tomorrow!!!


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      BLOGmas Day Nine – My Favorite Christmas Books

      So welcome to BLOGmas day 9!!!!!!!!

      I love reading books and I also love Christmas so why not combine these and make a with it and post it on here so let’s get started:

      • Let It Snow – John Green + 2 other authors 
      • A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickinson (Obvs)
      • The Polar Express – ???
      • How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Dr.Suess
      •   The Snowman – Raymond Briggs
      • The Nut Cracker – ???
      • The Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton
      • And what not add your own in the comments!!!!!

      Hope you enjoyed and I will see you tomorrow!!!


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        BLOGmas Day Eight – Gift Guide For Friends

        So welcome to day 8 of BLOGmas!!!!!

        Like a previous BLOGmas post I am going to be giving you a gift guide for friends  (like last time you obviously can use this for anyone I’m just writing this with friends in mind ) so let’s get started;

        • Stationery
        • A funky pen
        • Nail polish
        • Cookie in a mug
        • Badges
        • Chocolate
        • A Magaziene on their hobby
        • A Comic
        • Socks
        • A hat
        • A personalised (DIY styled) mug
        • Bath bomb (s)
        • Body mist
        • A cactus 
        • Fairy lights
        • A whiteboard
        • A diary (you can personalise dates)
        • Candles
        • Music
        • A Book
        • T-Shirt

        Hope you enjoyed this super short post, I do apologies for this, and I hope to see you tomorrow!


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        BLOGmas Day Seven – A Christmassy Would You Rather…

        So Welcome to day 7 of BLOGmas!!!!!!

        Today I am going to be doing a Chrostmas version of the famous Would You Rather tag so let’s get started:

        Would You Rather Christmas Come Once A Month Or Twice A Year?

        Twice a year defiantly!!! Because it would be so special and I feel like if Christmas came more than once a year it would spoil the excitement and atmosphere!
        Would You Rather Not Have Christmas Or Not Hve Your Birthday?

        Is there any way I can compromise???
        Would You Rather Put Your Tree Up At The End Of August Or Not Have A Tree?

        This is hard, I think possibly the end of august because I guess I could try not to look at it for 3 months?
        Would You Rather Be Buddy From ‘ELF’ or Kevin From ‘Home Alone’?

        Would You Rather be a character in a Christmas film or a Christmas book?

        I think maybe Chritmas book just because ‘Let it snow’ is sooooooooooooooo good!
        Would You Rather listen to one Christmas song on repeats or no songs at all?

        Depends on the song really!
        Would You Rather be Rudolph or Santa?

        Rudolph, because you would never need a torch to see because your nose would of the same job.
        Would You Rather have Christmas dinner for breakfast or for Dinner (tea)?

        Would You Rather put presents for other people under there tree or down there chimeny?

        I think it’s pretty obvious what the answer is!
        Would You Rather Santa’s beard or his hat?

        Maybe his hat because I would be well known and everybody would wear me (???)
        Thank you for reading and I hope too see you again tomorrow!


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        BLOGmas Day Six – Gingerbread Recipie

        So welcome come to day six of BLOGmas!!!!!!!

        Today I’m going to give you a gingerbread recipie:

        So there you go!!!!

        And again; 

        (A little trick is you can turn the gingerbread man (sorry to be a bit sexist) turn it inside down and the legal can be antlers and the arms ears) 

        Just to make this post longer. I would have written the whole thing out but I have given myself this short cut so I have more time to do homework (yay!). 

        Tomorrow I am going to be doing a Christmassy ‘Would You Rather’ so I would love it if you could leave your ‘Would you Rather’ questions (for me) in the comment thing because that will make tomorrow’s post a bit less boring, so please do!!!!!!

        So I will see you tomorrow!!!


        Recipie by Cathy Cassidy 🙂

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        BLOGmas Day Five – DIY Gifts #1

        So welcome to BLOGmas day five!!!!!!!!!
        Today I am going to be giving you some little DIY gift ideas so, without delay lets get started;
        1. DIY Smartphone Projector
        You will need:

        A pen or pencil or other drawing/writing device

        Blue Tac

        Cello tape

        A Shoebox

        A Magnifying Glass

        A Smartphone


        Draw around the magnifying glass and then cut out the shape 

        Attach the glass to the box with the tape before putting your phone in the box using tha tape to help it stand up right!

        Find a dark room and a plain wall then their projector is done!

        2. Mug


        All you need is a mug and a permanent marker as well as yourself and an oven!

        All you do is draw your pattern on the mug the bake it in the oven for 25mins at 180° and your pattern will not rub off!!!!!!!

        3. Paint Chip Pegs

        All you do is stick the correct amount of paper on the peg  and there you go!!!!

        4. A Doodle In A Frame


        This picture is from ‘Cross Donkey’ but it’s just as easy to get a frame and doddle in it!!!

        5. Bookmark

        Just draw something on a bit of paper and that’s that!!

        6. Sea glass Jar


        This is just a small jar filled with sea glass and a cork as a lid!! Although I brought this I plan to make many!!

        7. Washi Tape Letters


        A cardboard letter + Tape = Super Cheap Present

        8. A Book Of Quotes/Messages

        From Friends ^^^^^^^^^
        There you go!!!

        I will see you again tomorrow!!!


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        BLOGmas Day Four – Sibling Gift Guide

        Welcome to day four of BLOGmas!!!!!

        So today I am going to be giving you a little gift guide for siblings!

        I am going to write present ideas that will hopefully help give you ideas on what to get people (I am writing this with the idea of sisters and brothers in mind but obviously you could use these ideas for anybody). I got my ideas from; ‘The Present Finder’ which is an amazing website where you can purchase gifts for all occasions, I have previously brought gifts from here and they have all been amazing, and also this is not at all sponsored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        So lets start:

        (Apologies, there is no order to this list)

        • A Colouring Book
        • Giant Post-it Notes
        • Indoor Snowflakes (white pompoms)
        • Fairy Lights
        • Glow in the dark gloves
        • Glow in the dark shoelaces
        • Electric shock pen
        • Jelly Beans
        • Socks
        • A mug
        • Doodle Bedding
        • Stationery
        • Chocolate Brussels Sprouts
        • Selfie Stick
        • Bluetooth speakers
        • Bubble wrap
        • Bubble wrap costume
        • Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        • Emergency Charger
        • Fabric Wrapped Cables
        • Journals
        • A diary
        • A Calender
        • Bath bombs
        • Beanies/Hats
        • Pamper Pack
        • Toiletries
        • Notebook
        • Personalised tat
        • Projector (will do a DIY version very sooooooonnnnn)

        And I think that’s it.

        I hope you enjoyed this post/guide/thing and I will see you again tomorrow!!!