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The Cupboard Of Troubles

Everybody has a cupboard with something inside, whether it is home to holidays, social events or being in the spot light. We all have a cupboard of troubles, some bigger than others and some smaller than others, we all have a cupboard of worries.

Some of us have little people living in these cupboards, we call them anxieties.

These ‘little people’ come from different places; holidays, crowded places, strangers, public stages. These cupboards have to be open from time to time, not from chpoice but simply because once you push these ‘little people’ aside you might get something good out of the cupboard, and when what you pull out the cupboard is not what you would like then we tend to lock the cupboard.

Doors come open from time to time, and when that happens you are always left with two choices:

Close it.


Leave it.

To close it means getting closer to it in order to shut the ‘little people’ away again and then deal with the ones that have escaped. Or you can leave it to figure itself out.


We all have cupboards some are housing ‘little people’. Sometimes they have to opened and sometimes they open them selves.

We all have cupboards inside our heads. Some are homes to ‘little people’.


*Bit of a change than usual but I enjoyed writing this.

Inspired by this weeks BBC theme of Mental Health:

See you soon,





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