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Recipie Time: Bizzare + Amazing Pancake Toppings

Hello again, sorry the last post was latter then usual as I and more options stuff to go to and a pile of homework. So Pancake day is soon to be upon us (Tuesday 9th Feb 2016) and I am one for odd pancake toppings so I thought I would share with you some of them and hopefully you are not to put off trying them because they do taste amazing so lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First you are going to need some pancakes so here’s a recipe for you (or you could just buy some):


Cheese and Sugar : Add some grated Chedder cheese and add sugar and then you have a semi-savoury pancake that tastes sooooooooo goooood!!!!! (I always eat this and it does taste amazing even though it sounds gross, try it, you wont regret it, unless you are lactose intolerant)

Bacon : Just add the bacon onto your pancake, its best when you leave the fat on or the bacon is crispy. (This is what I always have, it being my Grannie’s specialty)


Golden Syrup :  Add half a tin of golden syrup onto your pancake and you might get diabetes from this but at least it tastes good and DONT FORGET TO LICK THE SPOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice Cream : I now it is February but we still have ice cream in the freezer so pull it out and plop it on that pancake like it was he cone your supposed to put ice cram into!!!!!!!!!!!


These are just some toppings I have, what about you?

Hope to see your lovely faces again soon,





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