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Thank You January!

Hello again so Happy February!!!!!!!

So I think I might do one of these every month actually, maybe not but I might. Anyway so January has been pretty great so I though I would make a Thank You message for January. That didn’t make sense but hopefully you get the jist after you finish ready so lets go:

Thank You to the medicine makers that helped my wonderful mother stop coughing an interrupting my sleep and also because she can now work again, Whoop Whoop (???)

Thank you to my friends for the late birthday presents that I received, they made me very happy, thank you!

Thank you to my ukulele for staying in tune despite the amount of times I have played it.

Thank you to anybody evolved with a dance compotation thing because we got through, YAY, and I am absolutely terrifying.

Thank you to my friends for accepting the fact that the group chats where making me unhappy and respecting that factor!

Thank you to the weather controller people for making it snow, even if was only for that day.

Thank you to my friend for the epic BMO phone case and daisy one.

An also THANK YOU FOR 500+ VEIWS ON MY BLOG *pulls party popper*! Thank you to all of you making this possible, even though I know only you are reading this because I’m only a tiny blog.

So thank you for a fabulous January and Let’s see what February brings!

I will see you on Sunday with some Pancake related shenanigans.






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