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My Little Flaws

Hello again!

So I do very much apologise about the lack of posts and the rush-I-ness (???) about them as I have been a bit busy recently as I am redecorating me room soon so my room is a state with boxes and bits of rubbish everywhere and I have had a few tests and assessments as well as my mums birthday and her being a little ill and then I had parents evening and everything has been MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so I do apologise very much and so I hope to start putting more effort into my weekly Sunday posts and when I have time to post on Wednesdays and Thursday. So anyway I though I would talk about the things that make me, me as I was asked the question; ‘What makes you, you?’ and so why not make a blog post about the little things that make me, me and my little ‘flaws’ and just all the things that set me apart from people (?).  So lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lemon Sucking

This one sounds very odd but I LOVE LEMONS! The other day I was cooking in school and I had a lemon and so I just sucked on it for a good solid hour. Everybody just called me a weirdo and but I didn’t care because it was that goooooddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Terribe Spellings!!!

I left that typo in as an example, you have probably more likely than not picked up on the fact that I really cant spell, and often spell check cant correct me!!!! Although, my English teacher is possible giving me a dyslexia test to see if that can explain my dodgy spellings and if not I am going to have to try and retrain my brain to notice my spellings so I will tell how that turns out.

Stubby Thumbs

My thumbs are like small, fat, wide lamp posts with a flat wide stubby nail and so I can’t really do anything with them apart from stretch gloves with them.


I have a bit of obsessive personality where I will become obsessed with something, sometimes its for a week or a few days others it can be months.

I Forget

I will forget a lot of things, I don’t think this needs a big explanation other than y short to long term memory is not that good from time to time.

That is another quick post, I know, I know but everything has been super hectic so I might just have t post every Sunday until my room is finished and life returns back to its usual state. So sorry, and I hope to see you next Sunday (with another bad post )





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