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A New Year Means A New Start

HAPPY NEW YEAR (for nextabday (one of my new favourite words meaning the day after tomorrow) or not for those of you in the future)!!!

My previous resolutions where:

  • To keep a record of everything I buy – I am a serious spender and in no way a saver so this obviously went out the window in the first week or so, oops!
  • To stick with things – I am a person who doesn’t persevere with a lot of things which is why I am not surprised BLOGmas was a giant flop and as you can tell by the fails of everything all ready I didn’t stick with this one either!
  • To be more healthy – I have a feeling this is everybody’s first resolution every year. With this one I am not tying to say I need to loose weight in anyway because God knows I need to put it on! I am quite an active person from an active family so trying to keep ‘fit’ as such was not where I was going with this, I intended to eat more healthy as I currently do not and it has been this way for a few years now and I hope one day to change this and this year obviously wasn’t that year.
I think that was all of 2015’s resolutions that all went down the drain! So this years I am going to try and persevere with and not let them go down the drain and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do so, 2016’s aims/goals are:
  • Do more things that make me happy – the past year hasn’t been the best neither was the year before that but anyway, I love being happy, I mean who doesn’t, but I have been finding it a bit challenging, in a way, to find that happiness at times and that’s why my first resolution is to do more things that make me happy whether that is clicking away at my laptop keys and listening to Snow Patrol or day dreaming and planning what I want my future to be like or talking to you on here!!!!
  • To care less (YOLO) – This sort of links in with the on above. This one sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? So I named it YOLO as well so it doesn’t sound as heartless. So I care a bit too much about things, people, animate objects and so on, some people might be like: bit how can you care too much about something *blah blah blah* ! In my eyes it is a problem or me, it’s really hard to explain but I give people a lot of chances with things, as such, and that often results in me being un happy and that’s also why it ties in with my first resolution! And YOLO because I don’t wanna waste my time with things anymore (like Netflix)!!!
  • To do more with music – After discovering Doddleoddle I have been inspired to get back into music which is great because before I discovered Dodie I was losing interest in my guitar and ukulele and now I will just sit on my bed and pluck away and so I wish to do more with music!!!!!
  • Do more art – I am not a good artist in anyway, I cant paint or draw with out making it look like a 2 year old has done it! What I mean by this is to be more creative with art I produce and by art I mean photography, as this is a true passion of mine and I want to continue to take photos with my camera which I got for my birthday last year!!!!!!
I think that might be it, that’s a lot to remember and think about in the next year. There was more to add but you probably don’t want to read them! What are your resolutions going to be, I would love to know so why not comment them below!
I will see you on Sunday for a mini review, let me rephrase that, a look back on 2015, so I will see you then!
Some photos I hope to better in the new year:

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