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Thanks For My Bday Gifts 2015

So I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and boxing day and received many gifts you wanted because I sure did!

Today I am going to be doing a thank you message post thing for the birthday presents I received as I love to read these sort of things and watch these same things as well and so this is for all of those of you that like to be a little bit nosey! Also, I am trying my very hardest to make sure it doesn’t sound like I am bragging so I am going to write this as a thank you rather than a ‘haul’ because that makes it sound less showoff-ie (???).  I am very thankful for everything I got and received and am thrilled to bits so lets go.

Thank you for the money and vouchers I received from many people (I am very excited to spend it)!

Thanks you to my amazing cousins for the amazing journal!!!!!

Thank you to my other cousin for the makeup Palette and body butter!

Thank you to my other cousins for the amazingly smelling fragrance and cute little mirror!

Thank you to my amazing friends for the dairy, purse, pencil case and hair stuff, you are all amazing!!

Thank you to my aunty for the book and tights!

Thank you to my Grannie who got me some amazing makeup brushes, perfect watch as well as the money which I spent on these clothes:

Dress        Sunglasses         Top         Skirt


Thanks to my perfect sister of mine for the epic desk tidy!

And finally a gigantic thank you to my amazing mum and dad for the Shoes with the laces and socks that went with, book journal thingy, cat tights, eye shadow pallet and macaroons!!

So that’s it, I had an amazing birthday and I am very thankful for everything I received. I do apologise if it seems like I am bragging as I tried my hardest to make it not sound like I was.

See You Soon, BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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