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BLOGmas? Oh yeah, that was a thing!

So yeah, BLOGmas that was a thing wast it.

Urm, yeah I should probAbly explain my self!

Since my last post I have been a little bit busy and also spending time with friends and family because that’s what Christmas it all about, therefore the time I have eat to write is too late and therefore I didn’t seknow the point in writing at 21:30 when it takes me about 1 hour to write something badly. This means my posts couldn’t reach you so I am very sorry for all of those how have been waiting.

And I will continue to blog write after Boxing Day because tomorrow is my birthday (where I will be watching Star Wars at the cinema again) (yay!!), and then it is Christmas Eve where I will be spending my day eating fish finger sandwiches (family + friend tradition) and then it’s CHRISTMAS *throws tinsel in the air* and then it’s Boxing Day where Ai will be burning off the dinner from Christmas. And so the 27th will be my first post normal post in a while.

So while I have been gone I have done a few exciting things:

  • I watched Star Wars (on Friday with my school) and OMG it was incredible!!!! It is really hard to explain but it was the best film I have so far watched and people that hate Star Wars or dislike it said the same! The one thing I would say was I have never cried in a book or film until now, yes, I cried in Star Wars along with me friend or ‘twin’ (we share the same name and birthday), and if you have watched Star Wars I think you know what part I am talking about and if you haven’t yet watched it then go do so!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so good that I am watching it again in the space of less than a week!
  • Before I started BLOGmas the only person how would always read my blog as my mum and my friend ‘Soulsbree’ was my only follower, and now I have gained 3 more one of them being my Dad another being the incredible ‘Noemí’ and also ‘Desire4beauty’. And have had 456 views which may seem a same number to some but too me its MASSIVE so I couldn’t thank you enough *interent hug*, so thank to you all!!!!!!!
  • When I return to blogging I will be 14, Yipeeee!!
  • The new year will hold many surprises!!!

So goodbye to the BLOGmas fail and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas Eve, the merriest of Christmases and a great Boxing Day and I will see you on the 27th!!

BYE *creepy Santa laugh*!!!!



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