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BLOGmas Day Thirteen – Christmas Q and A

So welcome to BLOGmas day 13!!!!!!!

So today I am going to be doing a Christmas Q and A so lets get started!!


Do you do anything to countdown to Christmas?

I have a chocolate advent calendar, a white board (which you will have seen) that I write how many sleeps to go on as well as an instagram chat called: Xmas = ?? Sleeps *Christmas tree emoji*!


When do you ‘Deck The Halls’ (put up your Christmas decorations)?

We often put our family’s decorations up on the 2nd weekend of December but if I have got decorations in my room before hand I will put them up ASAP (any time after the 1st of December).


What do you put at the top of your tree?



What do you do on Christmas Eve?

On Christmas I am normally the happiest I am all year round because my Birthday is the day before and Christmas is the following day is its like to filling of an sandwich of excitement. So any ways, on Christmas Eve we almost always have some friends over and we have fish finger sandwiches and we watch something Christmassy all before sleeping!


What do you do on Boxing Day?

ON boxing day me and my mums side of the family go to my Grannies where we go for a walk and come back to hers for left overs and PORK!!!!!!!


Do you leave anything for Santa?



When do you open your gifts?

When I was younger my parents would limit us to 5 presents and then we would have breakfast then go to church and when we came back we could go menatl and then open other presents at my Grannies before and after Christmas dinner. Now we just go mental and poen presents from my Grandma when she comes over to our house for diner and we will also open presents if we some people on boxing day ater we get back from out walk.


Do you write a list, if so what’s at the top?

I always write a list because I love writing lists. At the top? I can’t remember, sorry!


How many trees do you have?

A LOT!!!!!!!!!! We have one proper one which goes in the dining room, a small pink one (3ft (?)) and many many smaller ones!


What advent calender do you have?

This one:


Where do you get gift ideas from?

Sometimes from google, other times Pinterest and my brain. (I don’t often copy, I just add my twist to ideas)


When do you get excited for Christmas?

End of the summer holidays (no shame!)


What festive events do you go to December?

Go to Christmas tree festivals, is Christmas shopping one?, Christmas fates and Christmas concerts that me and/or sister are performing in.


What is your ‘routine’ on Christmas Day?

I am usually the first to wake up so while I wait for everybody else to do so I will go on my Ipad or phone or something and might empty my stocking and have a look around. When everyone is up we normally open a few presents from friends and stuff then have breakfast and continue to open until Lunch where we have Christmas Dinner then open gifts from how ever comes over and in the evening we watch the Christmas specials and eat chocolate with the fire lit and then fall asleep.



Hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you again tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “BLOGmas Day Thirteen – Christmas Q and A

  1. Hahaha I love that you get excited in summer for Christmas! To me, After Christmas is Before Christmas, so yeah… I’m crazy about it all year round! :p


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