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BLOGmas Day Seven – A Christmassy Would You Rather…

So Welcome to day 7 of BLOGmas!!!!!!

Today I am going to be doing a Chrostmas version of the famous Would You Rather tag so let’s get started:

Would You Rather Christmas Come Once A Month Or Twice A Year?

Twice a year defiantly!!! Because it would be so special and I feel like if Christmas came more than once a year it would spoil the excitement and atmosphere!
Would You Rather Not Have Christmas Or Not Hve Your Birthday?

Is there any way I can compromise???
Would You Rather Put Your Tree Up At The End Of August Or Not Have A Tree?

This is hard, I think possibly the end of august because I guess I could try not to look at it for 3 months?
Would You Rather Be Buddy From ‘ELF’ or Kevin From ‘Home Alone’?

Would You Rather be a character in a Christmas film or a Christmas book?

I think maybe Chritmas book just because ‘Let it snow’ is sooooooooooooooo good!
Would You Rather listen to one Christmas song on repeats or no songs at all?

Depends on the song really!
Would You Rather be Rudolph or Santa?

Rudolph, because you would never need a torch to see because your nose would of the same job.
Would You Rather have Christmas dinner for breakfast or for Dinner (tea)?

Would You Rather put presents for other people under there tree or down there chimeny?

I think it’s pretty obvious what the answer is!
Would You Rather Santa’s beard or his hat?

Maybe his hat because I would be well known and everybody would wear me (???)
Thank you for reading and I hope too see you again tomorrow!



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