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BLOGmas Day Six – Gingerbread Recipie

So welcome come to day six of BLOGmas!!!!!!!

Today I’m going to give you a gingerbread recipie:

So there you go!!!!

And again; 

(A little trick is you can turn the gingerbread man (sorry to be a bit sexist) turn it inside down and the legal can be antlers and the arms ears) 

Just to make this post longer. I would have written the whole thing out but I have given myself this short cut so I have more time to do homework (yay!). 

Tomorrow I am going to be doing a Christmassy ‘Would You Rather’ so I would love it if you could leave your ‘Would you Rather’ questions (for me) in the comment thing because that will make tomorrow’s post a bit less boring, so please do!!!!!!

So I will see you tomorrow!!!


Recipie by Cathy Cassidy 🙂


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