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BLOGmas Day Five – DIY Gifts #1

So welcome to BLOGmas day five!!!!!!!!!
Today I am going to be giving you some little DIY gift ideas so, without delay lets get started;
1. DIY Smartphone Projector
You will need:

A pen or pencil or other drawing/writing device

Blue Tac

Cello tape

A Shoebox

A Magnifying Glass

A Smartphone


Draw around the magnifying glass and then cut out the shape 

Attach the glass to the box with the tape before putting your phone in the box using tha tape to help it stand up right!

Find a dark room and a plain wall then their projector is done!

2. Mug


All you need is a mug and a permanent marker as well as yourself and an oven!

All you do is draw your pattern on the mug the bake it in the oven for 25mins at 180° and your pattern will not rub off!!!!!!!

3. Paint Chip Pegs

All you do is stick the correct amount of paper on the peg  and there you go!!!!

4. A Doodle In A Frame


This picture is from ‘Cross Donkey’ but it’s just as easy to get a frame and doddle in it!!!

5. Bookmark

Just draw something on a bit of paper and that’s that!!

6. Sea glass Jar


This is just a small jar filled with sea glass and a cork as a lid!! Although I brought this I plan to make many!!

7. Washi Tape Letters


A cardboard letter + Tape = Super Cheap Present

8. A Book Of Quotes/Messages

From Friends ^^^^^^^^^
There you go!!!

I will see you again tomorrow!!!



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