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BLOGmas Day Two – Autumn Favorites

Welcome to day two of BLOGmas!!!!

So three months minus one day, I did an ‘Summer Favorites’ post where I spoke about everything I had Favorites through out the summer and so I’m going to do one again but this time for Autumn and I’m going to try and not make everything as long because that got boring so let’s get started:

Side note: I apologise for the bad photo quality as I took these photos when I got home and as it’s pretty dark out Sid it meant the photos are terrible in quality, so apologies!

1.  Make up stuff…

First on he left; Micellar Cleansing Water
I put this in here because 1) IT SMELLS SOOO GOOD!!!! It literally smells amazing, unfortunately I cannot describe the smell 😦 2) It’s really good at its job (I sound a bit like a Manager) and 3) It’s just amazing in general!

In the middle; Clinique lipstick in ’19 Extreme Pink’

My mum brought this for me a while ago so Thanks Mum! My reasons for favouriting this are 1) It’s a beautiful colour that suits me for every occasion 2) The packaging is a really pretty colour!!! 3) There is so much product compared to their lipsticks ITS AMAZING!

Furthest on the right; Impulse body spray in ‘Be Suprised     Violets & Red Fruits’

The reason for putting this in here was because it smells just like autumn so yeah…
2. My Cacti????

Am I allowed to put this in my Autumn Favorites?? Well, there is no rule book so why not? 

From Left to Right , here names are: Batman, Loci and Thor!!! 

I am quite proud of there names. I have actually forgotten the reason for adding these so, sorry about that.
3.  Random Things…

The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Dan (danisnotonfire) and Phil (amazingphil): This book is really good in general and that’s all I can say about that (ha ha ha)

How ago Skip Stones by Can’t find the author: I got this from my dad so Thanks Dad 🙂 It’s a book full with funny step to step guides, a great book would totally recommend as a gift for you or someone else.

Neils Yard Remnadis To Roll ‘Study’: I purchased this a while ago but have been using it a lot! All it is is an oil that you put onto you risks and it encourages concerntarion, sounds bizarre but it does what it says!

My Little Jar Of Treasure: I brought this at a craft event thingy and I just think it’s too cute not to put it on here!!!!

4. Music..   
Dodie Clark also known as Doddleoddle has been my latest disscovery! I am in love with everything she does and she is just incredible!!! My favourite song of hers is ‘Sick Of Loosing soulmates’

I am also currently leading how to play some of her songs which makes me very happy 🙂 

 And finally, an album that my mother very kindly brought me and my sister; Saved by the Girl! An epic album filed within 90’s songs, this album is just amazing!
And I think that’s everything 🙂

So thank you for reang this and I will see you tomorrow with some Christmas cards 😉



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