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BLOGmas Day Two – Hello December

So, hello again!!!!!!!!

Yes I am alive, I didn’t post anything this weekend because I didn’t see the point when you could wait until today when you could receive a post everyday from now until the 24th/25th of December!

So, yeah, BLOGmas. What it means is… I actually have no clue but what I do know is I am going (to try) to write a post everyday from now till the 24th and maybe even the 25th but there might not be a post on the 23rd as it’s my birthday and then after Christmas I will hopefully return to posting at least once a week. So expect to see a variety of posts from now until then 🙂

If you didn’t know I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!!!!!!! Trust me you can never get more excited than myself, I think it’s mainly because me birthday is so close to Christmas that all I look forward to is this time of year and I also adore everything about December, the songs, the lights, the smell, the sounds, the taste, the fact that you can eat chocolate everyday and not be judged for it and not forgetting the cosy and warm atmosphere, I’M JUST SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!

In other news I did a cover of a song with my friend ‘me . mol’ on youtube: We did a cover of a song called ‘She’, which I will talk about in tomorrows Autumn Favourites so go check that video out and subscribe to Molly!!

So while I’m sitting here eating a candy cane, drinking a hot chocolate in my Christmas jumper and Christmas socks and reindeer earrings and the excitement that contains me; I am going to say see you tomorrow and so I will!


Here are some Christmas pics for you: 





2 thoughts on “BLOGmas Day Two – Hello December

  1. I think you’re my new best friend! I loooove that my birthday is in december and OMG “Let it Snow” is incredible! hahaha! (sorry for being creepy!)


    1. OMG!! Sorry, it’s just no one ever really comments on my blog so YAY!! It feels just like Christmas (literally) and yes ‘Let It Snow’ is one of my favourite books after reading it last year! Happy birthday for soon friend (?). Thank you for stopping by on my little corner of the Internet, it means a lot xxx


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