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Inside my head

Credit to Amazingphil

So as I am going to attempt BLOGmas soon I am trying to save ideas for then and as my favourite youtuber is Amazingphil I thought I would do my own version on his video ‘Tour Of My Brain’ so yeah, this is in no way original and will probably make no sense but who cares, here we go!!!!!!

My Brain:

So my brain is very weird, I think it’s because at around the age of 6 (I think) I used to purposely walk into lampposts really hard all the way to my dance class so that is probably what made me brain as weird as it is.

Firstly I fail at a lot of things! E.G; I cannot spell, yeah, I’m almost 14 and I can’t spell (I think my spelling age is 13.7) I have no idea why but even spell check can’t correct me (that’s why there is a lot of typos on my blog). I also kinda fail at being normal but lets not go into that.

I am kinda good at a few things them being; I can hiccup for allllllooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time, I come up with some really good ideas for things (only they never really go to plan) and I can also get very excited for things such as my birthday and Christmas (I totally don’t have a countdown on my wall)!

I get really hyper! Ask. My friends if you don’t believe me because at party’s or when I’m super excited or happy about something I just get sooooo hyper!! I have no idea why and I don’t know how to stop it so I guess I’m gonna have to stay this way!!!!

I can’t sit still! I just can’t ok. I’m often fiddling with something every second!

I am terrible under pressure! I never cope well on the spot. So I never probably do my best on tests or when I have to say something, like a question, I will say it in my head over and over so I don’t go wrong!

I have a good long term memory (which never works in tests) and a terrible short term one! You could ask me to rembet something and I could tell you what it was in, like,  5 years and not 5 minutes. I even remember the code from one of Matt Smith Doctor Who Christmas special; 7258!

I have some odd fears! I have one major fear and some tiny ones and some of them are a bit odd! My major fear: emetophobia (look it up as I don’t want to go into details). I’m not a fan of cows and are a bit scared of them, I had a dream once that me and my family where on a farm and we all got killed by cows! I also am not a lift/elevator person, I will always opt for stairs. This is because I hate the idea of getting stuck in one! And another weird one is bridges, every time I’m on a bridge (normally in a car) I start to think about it breaking so if we were on it what would happen and if it did snap how would we get back?

And that, my reader is just some of the things inside my head (well most of it anyway), I’m now going to leave you with my brain content and I’m gonna do some more homework!!

See you soon 😉

Side note: Sorry this took a while to reach your scree so, I have had a lot of homework to do recently and have now got most of it done but God knows I will get more. So sorry for the wait!





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