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What to do when you are bored

Originally posted ~ 7th August 2015

1. Bake cookies!
2. Stick/Draw eyes on everything!
3. Make a flip book cartoon!
4. Create a life for the people in district 14!
5. Plan out your life and the dreams you have for your later life!
6. Doodle!
7. Doodleise (?) everything!
8. Solve some riddles!
9. Stall your favourite celebratie!
10. Make a zine (a mini magazine)!
11. Throw a rock out your bedroom window and shout duck (why would you have a rock in your bedroom anyway (?!)) !
12. Make some bunting!
13. Design your dream house!
14. Catch up on school studies!
15. Try and draw your family tree!
16. Go onto a housing website (where you can look at houses that are for sale), give your self an unlimited budget and see what the most expensive house is!
17. Organise the best sleepover ever!
18. Write a song!
19. Build a blanket/pillow fort and live in it!
20. Go to the fridge and get some food! (My favourite!)
21. Make some one happy!
22. Give everyone in your contact list there own emoji!
23. Create a new alphabet!
24. Try a Pinterest DIY!
25. Create your own blog (and comment the link to it so I can check it out 🙂 ) !
26. Make your own movie!
27. Pretend to be a movie star!
28. Try out some weird buzz feed facts!
29. Figure out the meaning of life!
30. Divide zero by zero!
31. Create your own planet!
32. Buy a pet giraffe!
33. Read ‘all the bright places’ without getting feels (it’s hard, trust me) !
34. Plan then have the ‘perfect’ day!
35. Look at weird baby names!
37. Imagine you were a baby with a weird name!
38. Frigure out where number ’36’ went!
39. Watch/Read ‘the fault in our stars’ without crying!
40. Try and drink half a glass of lemon juice (pure lemon juice) !
41. Watch AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire and the SacconeJolys on YouTube (you will probably become obsessed) !
42. Become a master at trivia!
43. Learn all the words to allow Pheobes songs on F.R.I.E.N.D.S !
44. Create a secret knock!
45. Stack cards!
46. Pick of all the petals on a daisy ONE AT A TIME!
47. Get to properly know your friends (like the back of your hand)
48. Actually leave the house (sorry if this was too much) !
49. Write a letter!
50. Check out my social media 😉 (#spon) !
51. Balance books on your head!
52. Mentally correct all the spelling and grammar mistakes on this blog (sorry about that) !
53. You don’t need to worry about number 53!
54. Create a bucket list full with all the things you want to achieve in life!
55. Untangle your wires (like charges and headphones (this was an innuendo I did not see coming)) !
56. See how many rolly-pollys you can do before you get dizzy!
57. Give your giraffe a stroke!
58. Make a list of things you would buy if you won the lottery!
59. Plan your wedding!
60. Choreograph a dance!
61. Try different food combinations!
62. Think of all the parrellel universes!
63. Imagine what the world would be like without something (and not have an metal breakdown) !
64. Find 64 Zoo Lane!
65. Play cups (another F.R.I.E.N.D.S refernace) !
66. Laugh at all the crazy things on Awesome Inventions !
67. Give people in the street names based on what they look like!
68. Make a milkshake!
69. Lol, 69 (I’m so immature) !
70. Look at optical illusions!
71. Swim with sharks!
72. Feed your giraffe!
73. Come up with your own country!
74. Give that country a flag!
75. Do a photo shoot in your bedroom!
76. Go into a shop and ask someone what the year is then leave the shop shouting ‘IT WORKED, IT ACTUALLY WORKED’!
77. Make some lipbalm!
78. Count how many sprinkles are in a pack of 100’s and 1000’s!
79. Learn a tune on the piano!
80. Master the splits!
81. Create your own punctuation mark!
82. Come up with a use for the blank card in uno!
83. Watch a season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S (as you can probably tell I’m a slightly obsessed with this show)!
84. Make an paper swan!
85. Try and break a world record!
86. Impersonate every emoji!
87. Count the strands of hair on your head.
88. Find out everything there is to know about your giraffe!
89. Stalk your crush!
90. Go to a shop and buy cream, a kids magazine, a packet of toilet roll, shaving/waxing items, a stick of deodorant and a fish then just look at the cashiers face as you buy all these weird items!
91. Build a moon out of cheese!
92. See what weird things are lying in your cupboards!
93. Try and count how many people there are on a bus every time you see you!
94. When someone walks past your house shout ‘Hi Bestie’ at them!
95. Try and find a missing dog/cat/rabbit/giraffe/guinne pig/pet!
96. Do the chubby bunny challenge (see how many marshmallows you can fit into your mouth) !
97. Say sorry to anyone you have ever hurt!
98. Dance to the Mamma Mia sound track!
99. Find a 99 ice cream that’s 99p!
100. Catch a piece of popcorn in your mouth!
101. Continue reading my blog 😉 !


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