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The Perefct Day

Originally Posted ~ 8th September 2015

Perfect: something free from flaws
I believe that there is no such thing as ‘perfection’. No person in this universe can be free from flaws so don’t compare your self to this ‘perfect’ person or life style.
You could call a cake perfect but what are going to call a cake that’s better? A person can not be perfect as your flaws are something that makes you you. Flaws are what make us human and with out them we would be aliens.
A perfect day for some this might be a wedding others it might be a day with friends or family but a perfect day form me would be a day of blog writing and tea and cookies.
For a perfect day do the following:
Do what ever makes you happy 🙂
Just came up with this post so apologies for the randomness of this.


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