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Summer Favorites

Originally Posted ~ 1st September 2015
My friend ‘Geeklings Blog’ wrote about stuff she liked in the month of August and lots of other people do favourite videos/posts and I thought I would do one as I like reading/watching these sort of things. So, I got thinking and this month has gone past really quickly (I think) and therefor couldn’t think of much so instead of things I liked this month I thought I would do a favourites for the past season and If this is successful I may just do one for every season ☺️
Beauty kinda things (?!):
Baby Lips Doctor Rescue in Coral Crave; I have had this lip balm for 3 months and there is still plenty left, it has a mint flavouring and has a coral tint and leaves a glossy look and is not sticky and still super moisturising. Being a Baby Lips it was £3 (minus 1p) but totally worth it.
Dry Hair Shampoo; having this season being the season of dance shows I used this a lot as I was always having a late night with hair up in a tight bun being held up with lost of mouse and spray it took a while to wash it and get it ready for school (not forgetting the amount of show makeup I had to wear), this dry hair shampoo smells amazing, is cheap, works very very well and doesn’t leave me with bad grey hair, now I always have one in my wardrobe.
Frizz Ease; Dream Curls Shampoo and Conditioner; this shampoo and conditioner smells amazing and works a treat, it being summer I love to have beach waves and this gives my just that! Though, the curls it leaves only really stay when hair is let to dry naturally, but overall I think these are fab (thanks Mum 💕).
(No spoilers (much))

All the bright places (ATBP); I was recommended this book and had heard lots about and therefore brought it as a holiday read. It took me a while to get into but about 1/2 way through I could not put it down. I was told that it was quite depressing (it being a theme in the book) and that could make it hard to read, I could relate to small parts of it and others not so much. The book changes perspective every chapter (more than often) but each of these where in first person. I would recommend it but be prepared to cry.
2009; this song is about Dan and Phil (also known as PHAN!), being part of the PHANdom this song gave me sssssssssssoooooooooooooo many feels and I can’t stop singing it or listening to it (which makes me annoying to be around) so if you are a member of the PHANdom watch this and get ready to craft as this song might make you cry.
Cloudy/Homemade/Traditional Lemonade; having a sweet tooth and loving things tangy, I love drinking this (and making it!), this sort of lemonade is often still and not sparkling and therefore makes it a tad healthier.
Green Tea; I discovered this whilst on holiday in May and have grown to adore it, I now always start my mornings with a cup of this.
Apple and Raspberry Ice Lollies; this was an experiment that went extremely well, I had brought some lolly moulds and was rummaging through the fridge for stuff to put in these and a carton of Apple and Raspberry Juice was something added to a mould and when I tried it, I feel in love as it was super tasty, tangy and refreshing, would definitely make these if in need of a mood lift.

Hope you enjoyed this slightly bizarre favourites post and I hope to see you here again (withstand ‘2009’ in your head!)


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