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Post to my future Self

Originally Posted ~ 15th September 2015
In my English lesson a few days ago we were told to write a letter to ourself. No one would read it until the letter gets handed to us at the end of the year and from then on the we could do what we want with it and so I have decided to write one to myself that anybody could see including 19 year old me or even 59 year old me.
So here I go;
Hello Future Me, remember me the crazy person you were in 2015. Any hover-boards yet? Flying cars? IPhone 70’s? Schools for separate fandoms? But is Phan real yet?
I hope you have completed Slender, Five Nights At Freddies and kept a sim alive.(as these are your current goals (#notanerd))
Any new friends at what ever place you have gone to at collage? How’d your GSCE’s go, and A-Levels go?
You better have stuck to this blog, well, hopefully you have as otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this so that was pointless writing.
See you soon Future me!


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