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My Life ~ Summer Bucket List

Originally Posted ~ 12th July 2015
It’s Summer! I know summer officially began quite a while ago but anyhow, I have made in summer bucket list. After meaning to do this for so long I have actually done one! I have put on it things that I have wanted to do for ages as well as challenges and things to ‘perfect’ that I have been working on. I would totally recommend doing this as it has been so much fun making and will hopefully be even more fun doing.
My Summer Bucket List (please feel free to use these ideas if you decide to do your own) :
Go a whole day without technology
Have a PJ movie day
Go to the beach at day and at night
Read 3 or more books
Get a sun tattoo
Bake 10+ things from my recipie book (I filled a notebook with recipies I have found on the Internet)
Do gymnastics on a beach
Have a water fight
Make s’mores
Master the splits
Achieve a no handed cartwheel (also known as an aerial (not the mermaid))
Achieve a front walkover
Achieve a back walkover
Achieve a front handspring
Go garden camping
Write a post on every page of this blog
Try a new type of fruit
Try a new drink
Go star gazing
Write a letter
Do a Pintrest DIY
Do a positivity challenge (I will write more about this on my ‘Being Happy’ page)
Make my own lip balm
Do a hardcore room tidy
Learn Pachebells canon on piano
Go a week without; white bread, fast food, chocolate, sweets, soda, chips, crisps, cookies, cupcakes and pastries
Only eat homemade food for a day
Make my own ice cream
Go horse riding
Play messy twister
Make a movie
Watch a sunset
Have a picnic
Camp indoors (blanket fort)
Build a badass sandcastle
Go a day without being negative
Complete a garden obstacle course


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