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My Life ~ My Dreams

Originally posted ~ 25th August 2015
As I said on my last post ‘Dream!:’ I am going to write about my own dreams and aspirations, so here we go:
I dream to work from home as a Architect and Interor Designer and also be a photographer in my free time.
I dream to live in a self-designed house with a pool, double garage and summer house in the country or somewhere simaler to where I currently live.
I dream to live there with two beautiful, well-mannered daughters, a loving husband and a Maltese dog and maybe some fish or two (and guinea pigs (my favourite pets))
I dream to drive a VW Camper Van (in mint green or pale blue) as well as a 4×4 so I could travel across country to designed sites.
I dream of filming everyday for my children to look back on.
I dream of owning a beach hut at Wells-Next-The-Sea beach.
I dream of a country/nautical inspired wedding.
I dream of inspriring someone.
I dream of making people happy.
I dream of taking care of my Mum, Dad and Grannie and paying them back for all the amazing things they have done for me.
I dream of going on holiday to Norfolk (for the memories), Brighton (for the beach huts), Italy (for the food), France (for the photo opportunities), Sweeden (for the mirrored treehouse hotel (and the meatballs), Canada (for the family there), Angelsey (for the beaches ), Cornwall (for the view) and the moon.
And finally, I dream for everybody to be happy!


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