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Getting Organised 

Originally Posted ~ 21th September 2015
So as we are all back to school/work its time to get organised. So here are some tips and hacks and things to do tohelp you get organised.

Get a whiteboard/chalkboard – I myself have a white board and they are great for writing messages to remind you but post-it notes do the same as well. To make a chalkboard mix 1/2 a cup of acrylic paint with one tablespoon of unsanded grout and then just paint on some card or paper and there you have it.
Always Carry A Notebook – It’s easy to get your hands on a notebook, small ones are best as you can just chuck it in your pocket or bag. I myself do this and inside I keep a list of my contacts, addresses, important dates, my weekly timetable and any notes I need.
Colour organise – In the front of any folder place a key and then put that key in ‘place’ and there you go, easy but it really works.
Make Homework Fun – Homework is always boring but to make it funner (?). You could set goals such as if you get this far you can eat a biscuit or put on your favourite album and jam out to that in the process or even have your favorite show playing in the background.
Find Work – For every piece of work you do use a different colour than the last piece you wrote, this will help later as it will distinguish each piece of work and therefore you will not have to read through 3 days work trying to find the work you did on Thursday (this also makes your book quite colourful!).
Have any more tips?
Comment them bellow, I would love to here them, thanks.


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