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Get To Know Me

Originally Posted ~ 8th September 2015

Wanna know me better? Then keep reading:
What do you do in your free time? – When I’m not doing homework or at school or eating or sleeping I am writing (on here), doodleing, dancing, doing gymnastics, day dream, design stuff, pin things on Pinterest and take photos.
What would your dream wedding be? – For me it would be on a summer evening in a field with cute elderflower every where and a black and white skater dress and it would be a day of happiness and joy.
Ever got drunk? – NO, I am 13 3/4 for goodness sake!
Favourite animal? – My fav animal would have to be a guinea pig.
Favourite breed of dog? – Maltese or Collie Dog!
Favorite season? – Is Spring for the springiness (?), Summer for times off school, Autumn for the cosyiness (?) and Winter for the Christmas’s and Birthdays and the snow we never get.
Dream country to go to? – Italy or Greece or France or Canada or America or the moon?
What unnatural colour would you die your hair if you had to? – Red or Blue or Grey maybe?
If you had to get a tattoo what would it be and where would you have it? – I would have a small heart on my wrist.
Do you have any pets? – Yes, three fish.
Do you play any instruments? – Yes, I play the Viola and used to play the guitar.
What sports do you do? – I do gymnastics, Acro, Dance and Artistic Roller Skating and PE in school.
If you had to loose one sense for a year what would it be? – I think my sense of smell.
Favourite emoji? – The squidy octopussy thingy.
What are you currently sat on? – A chair!
List three things that you want to buy? – A LGRSC hoodie, Cacti and a compact digital camera (with a flip screen)
Favourite anime? – If you don’t know what anime is it is a Japanese cartoon and also a style of art. My fav anime has to be Attack On Titan as that’s one of two anime I have ever watched so I am going to hide under a rock in shame.
Who is your crush (if you have one)? – Hint; I’m not telling!
Do you take the stuff from hotel rooms? – Shh, don’t tell any hotel companies or anything but I take the things all the time and I sometimes just put them in my bag so I get more freebies!
Do you think PHAN is real? – Yepadeedoodar!
Do you chew on pens and pencils? – Yes.
What do you do when you are sad? – I eat all the food in the house and cry whilst watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and writing/doodleing.
What’s your favourite disney film? – Finding Nemo or Toy Story or The Little Mermaid.
Favourite Artist/Band? – Taylor Swift all the way!
Dream meal? – Starters = Dough Balls. Main = Hot pork cob with fries. Dessert = HOt brownie with ice cream. Drink = Oreo Milkshake.
Fears? – Emetophobia and few other things I would rather not mention.
Do you sing in the shower? – Always!
What time of year do you start getting excited for Christmas? – On the 26th of December.
Dream Job? – Architect, Interior Designer and Photographer.
Can you curl you tongue? – Yes.
Favourite colour? – Blue (all shades), Grey, White and some greens.
Have you finished this post? – Yes, I think so!


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