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Being Happy ~ Saying Sorry

Originally Posted ~ 29th August 2015
Admitting to your mistakes is a hard thing but it’s always the right thing. We have all made mistakes, no one is perfect (that’s why unicorns aren’t real 😏)! People can be more forgiving than others or might forget your mistakes and move on but either way saying sorry is the best policy, obviously some things are stupid mistakes such as knocking a glass of water over (or leaving a glass of tea and it going cold (which is what I just did writing this)), but I’m talking about things you say and do that are unkind and make people upset kinda thing.
Smash a plate, go on smash it, now it’s broken, apologise to the plate, say sorry to the plate. Did it go back to the way it was? No, but saying sorry means that it wasn’t 100% intentional and you didn’t mean it and you will try to not do it again. But sometimes apologising helps other people admit to there mistakes and help them get rid of quilt they feel and help them be happier with them selves and other people.
Go on, apologies and admit to your mistakes!


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