Posted in Being Happy

Being Happy ~ Feelings

Originally Posted ~ 7th June 2015

(This little section is just really random and kinda weird and waffles on so I wouldn’t read it if I were you)

You are a bottle, and your feelings and emotions are the water or juice or any type of liquid. The bottle fills with your emotions and feelings. You may always empty it so nothings in the bottle or you may let it fill then empty or (like myself) let it fill any empty a bit so you can put the lid back on.You have to empty it every once in a while weather you empty it yourself, with a friend or your pet. The bottles never going to empty itself because that’s your job.

Nobody’s perfect (that’s why unicorns aren’t real) and there are mean people and things and obstacles you can not avoid but life still goes on and so there is no point feeling down and upset about it because life isn’t going to stop for you are your little problems. You need to get up and stop being negative look and the bright side and take advantage of the opportunities. And do it all with a smile 🙂


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