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Being Happy ~ Dream

Originally Posted ~ 24th August 2015
I am a dreamer, I always love to day dream about life, death and everything in between. But the main thing I dream about is the life I would love to live, such as my dream house, dream family, lifestyle and every thing else (I am going to write my dreams on my ‘My Life!’ page very shortly, so check that out 😏)
I am a dreamer and a realist, so I don’t have my head in the clouds or my feet on the ground I like to think of myself hovering in the air, under the dreamers and above the realists.
Dreamers are always dreaming (obviously (!)), even if it’s in bed or daydreaming in class about everything!
Realists always have their feet on the ground though they may still dream but don’t believe in them and like to be realistic with their dreams and expectations.
Flyers (?), people like myself who are both, hovering above the realists and below the dreamers. (No innuendo intended!)
Side Note: I have no idea what I am trying to say here as I am writing this at 6:30 in the car listening to ‘Birdy’ eating a croissant after walking up at 5:15 AM (!) to go on holiday (again), but on the plus side the view of the sunrise is beautiful (and thus croissant (that’s what auto correct just corrected my writing to 😂) is sooooooooooo tasty!)


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