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A Little Update

Hiya :-)
OMG! It’s a picture!

So hello there!

So unless you are new or can’t see then I will tell you that I have changed my blog (a bit) so instead of having a bunch of pages and updating them every 1-3 Weeks I have this page (here) full of all the posts I have ever done!! I did this to make it a bit easier for you and also me Basie I was trying to post on every page at least every 3 weeks and they got a little bit stress full so I have changed it!

Now I will be posting on this page at least once a week (I hope) and I am also going to try and add pictures like the one above (I nicked this from my new Instagram account which I will talk about in a minute) so this means that if you want to follow this blog then you will get an email every time I post something and you can Pin (on Pinterest) each post and also enjoy it more instead of trying to find my latest post!

This will hopefully explain why my posts are currently messy but over the weeks I will try to try to tidy them up 🙂

Also I made a survey! This is the link: so do what you want with that or just click right here and go and do that If you want, it won’t take long as it took my two minutes to create and there is also only 8 questions!

So yes what you read up the is true! I have created an Instagram account for this blog, it was an old account I used to have so I just restarted it so if you have Instagram and want to follow me then do my username is: @smilethenandnow

As I am trying to organise this blog (and my life), I am writing a list of ideas for posts I could post for BLOGmas which I will all about soon so if you have any ideas for posts then please comment them as I would love to hear them.

So apologies and thanks and I will see you soon 🙂

A Little Shoutout to Geeklings Blog (who I have mentioned many a times) for getting 10000+ views on her blog!! I am very proud and happy to call her my friend! So Conragtualtions Geekling, love you!!!!

Another little shout out to my friend Soulsbree just because she is amazing and so is her blog and I love her to bits and she’s just an amazing friend!

And my final shout is to Me.mol on YouTube (sorry as the link is to her first video as I couldn’t get the link to her actual channel to week so you will just have to subscribe that way (ha ha) as she is incredible and the best person to watch instead of doing homework! And slow if you look at the comments in each video you will doubtably see the mass comments by me!!


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